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You’ve listened to a couple of webinars, done a little bit of research, maybe purchased the Modern Essentials book. Now what? It’s a hard decision for some people to take the plunge into either starting out fresh using essential oils or switching from using a different brand.

When I was first introduced to essential oils two years ago by my good friend Brianna I wasn’t really sure where to start either. I was brand new to natural living. I knew I wanted something better for my family but it was all so new to me. I had no idea where to start. I first bought the Modern Essentials book and read everything I could. When I saw in black and white how many things I could help alleviate just by using essential oils I thought “I have to try this!” So we took the plunge. I spent $150 on the Family Physician Kit two years ago and haven’t looked back once. It was one of the very best decisions I have ever made for my family.

With just the Family Physician Kit alone we have been able to address so many issues. Here’s just a few:

  • Promote a healthy blood pressure
  • Ease the pain associated with burns (sun and hot objects)
  • Respiratory issues
  • Soothe throat
  • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Trouble sleeping
  • High body temperatures
  • Mood management
  • Digestive Upsets
  • Sore Muscles
  • Boosting Immune System
  • and many more!

Want to know what comes in the Family Physician Kit that makes you so empowered to become the healer in your home? The Family Physician Kit contains 5ml bottles of the following:

1.  Lavender – doTERRA’s most popular oil, lavender has been cherished for its unmistakable aroma and its therapeutic properties for thousands of years. Lavender is widely used and acknowledged for its calming and relaxing qualities.

2.  Lemon Lemon is known as a powerful aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser and can be used to complement many other oils. Diffusing lemon in a room can cleanse the air and uplift mood. It can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaning booster.

3.  Peppermint Peppermint is popular in countless forms—from toothpaste to chewing gum. As an essential oil, it is useful to ease breathing and as a digestive aid.

4.  Melaleuca  – Recognized by its more common name, ‘tea tree’, melaleuca has been revered for its cleansing and regenerative properties*, especially for the skin. Composed of more than ninety different compounds, melaleuca has limitless therapeutic applications.

5.  Deep Blue  –  According to recent studies, more than half of us are sufferers of ongoing discomfort. Deep Blue is dōTERRA’s soothing solution to this challenge. Wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, German chamomile, helichrysum and osmanthus work together to ease achy joints and sore muscles. Its effects are deep and penetrating with sustained results. Once gently rubbed into the area of discomfort, Deep Blue’s cool therapeutic benefit will be felt almost immediately.

6Oregano – Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used oregano as a cleansing agent as well as for digestive and respiratory support. High in antioxidant activity, oregano contains phenolic acids and flavonoids.

7. On Guard – On Guard is dōTERRA’s unique, proprietary blend formulated to support healthy immune function.* Wild orange essential oil, combined with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary offer a fragrant, natural and effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support. On Guard, with its unique aroma, is one of our most versatile blends. It is also safe to use on counter tops, as a non-toxic way to cleanse surfaces, or to clear the atmosphere by diffusing. On Guard is superb for eliminating and controlling pathogens due to the potency of its constituents.

8.  Breathe -Respiratory issues are prevalent in modern society. dōTERRA essential oils are a perfect way to ease breathing consistently for a sustained benefit. Breathe is a remarkable blend of CPTG® essential oils which combine to do just that—help you breathe easier. A proprietary blend including laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, and ravensara cleanses and soothes the airways, and can easily be applied topically to the chest, back, or bottom of feet. Its pleasant aroma is calming to the senses and perfect for nighttime diffusion allowing for restful sleep.

9.  DigestZen -Many essential oils have been recognized through research as powerful agents to help restore normal balance in the digestive system. Digestzen takes advantage of these well-established therapeutic compounds in a proprietary blend of pure essential oils. Ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander, and anise each have specific attributes which add to the overall efficacy of this potent blend. When used internally, dōTERRA’s Digestzen brings soothing digestive relief.

10. Frankincense -Perhaps the most precious of the ancient oils, frankincense is highly sought after by modern consumers for its many uses—including relaxation, immune support, and mood enhancement.

The Family Physician Enrollment Kit also includes a full 15ml bottle of Slim & Sassy! Which is great for aiding in weight loss and speeding up your metabolism.

This kit is a great place to start for people who are on a tight budget and want to get started using essential oils.

There are some additional things that you get with the Family Physician Enrollment Kit:

  • The dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet includes a Living dōTERRA Naturally, Sharing dōTERRA Naturally, Building dōTERRA Naturally, Product Guide, cap stickers, and a welcome letter
  • It includes the $35 Enrollment fee.

This month, if you enroll with the Family Physician Kit (or any other enrollment kit) you will be eligible for a special promotion that doTERRA is offering — 50 FREE PV!! For those who don’t understand what PV is, essentially you get $50 in free oils! Do you realize how much more you can help your family with $50 in free oils?! I wish I had that deal when I had signed up!

If you want to talk more about how this amazing kit could help your family, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to discuss your health goals and needs in more detail. You can also enroll online by clicking here.


Christy (aka Sunshine Mama) is the wife to 1 (amazing husband), mother of 3 (wonderful children), lover of health, wellness, the beach, and sunshine. She is passionate about living an inspired life and loves to inspire others to live life at their fullest. You can find her online educating others on how to live a more natural lifestyle, especially on how to use essential oils…or hanging out at the beach.

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