How Do I Get Started?

First, there is a lot of great information on this website. It is a great place to start. Education helps you feel comfortable with using oils so the more you learn, the better. This page is a great place to start: Essential Oils: From Seed to Bottle

Another great resource is our live webinars! You can register to attend one here: Upcoming Webinars 

Purify Essential Oil

Second, we recommend purchasing the Modern Essentials book. It is a wealth of information and so beneficial in learning about each individual oil (their uses, how to apply, etc…). It also covers ailments and what oils are recommended for each ailment. It is basically your “go-to guide” for using essential oils. You can get this book from us at a discounted price or you can purchase it from AromaTools at regular price.

Third, get your hands on some oils. You can purchase essential oils and products from dōTERRA at retail price or you can become an Independent Product Consultant (IPC) and get them at wholesale. There are many benefits to becoming an IPC and you can learn more on this page: Purchase Wholesale. Essentially though it’s like buying a Costco or Sam’s club membership…except you don’t have to buy in bulk from dōTERRA. :) dōTERRA has put together many different kits that you can purchase so you can get a little of everything based on your situation and budget. You can view the kits here: Enrollment Kits

Fourth, reach out! We are here to help you make a smooth transition into using your oils. You can email us, post a question or message us on Facebook, or you can call us. We love to answer your questions and hear about your results so please, Reach Out!


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