Naturally Repel Spiders With Essential Oils

Help Keep Spiders Out Of Your House

Most people don’t want to use poisonous insecticides inside their homes. I recently came across an article about a family who lost their 2 year old and 4 year old after a pest control treatment in their home. Spraying our homes with poison is not an option, so what is? Essential Oils!

While botanical-based repellents will not kill spiders, they will act as a repellent. They are very safe when used properly.

natural-spider-repellentEssential Oils

Apparently spiders taste through their feet and don’t like the taste of citrus or peppermint. So using citrus oils as well as peppermint can detract them from coming into an area. I’ve heard that lemon & peppermint essential oils are the best oils to use because they have a very strong smell and peppermint can actually feel hot as well.


What you’ll need:

  • Empty Spray Bottle
  • Water
  • doTERRA Essential Oils (Peppermint & Lemon)

Fill a spray bottle with water. Add a 10-15 of doTERRA lemon essential oil and/or peppermint essential oil. Some people will add a few drops of Purify as well. Shake it up before each use to make sure the oils are mixed in.

Areas To Spray

Inside your home. Spray anywhere where spiders could enter your house such as around window sills, windows, screens, doorways and places where conduits or pipes enter the home. Also spray under cabinets, entrances to pantries, where you discover spider webs, habitat areas in the garage, and anywhere where else where spiders may hangout.

The outside perimeter of your home. Only spray areas where spiders could enter your home, otherwise you will just be wasting the repellent. Rain and water will wash the mixture away, so you will have to spray the exterior places more frequently. Spray it around windows, window screens, doorways, outdoor light fixtures, and places where conduit and pipes enter your home.

Christy (aka Sunshine Mama) is the wife to 1 (amazing husband), mother of 3 (wonderful children), lover of health, wellness, the beach, and sunshine. She is passionate about living an inspired life and loves to inspire others to live life at their fullest. You can find her online educating others on how to live a more natural lifestyle, especially on how to use essential oils…or hanging out at the beach.

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    • says

      It depends on the area that you put it on and how much oil you use. If you find that it isn’t keeping them away then you may need to add more oil or apply more often.

  1. Debby says

    I am suffering from a couple of spider bites. I have no idea what type of spider it was and a couple of Facebook friends turned me on to this site. I will be book marking this page! Thanks ladies!

    • says

      Hi Debby,

      doTERRA has an essential oil blend called Purify that is amazing for spider bites. Lavender can also be very helpful. Good luck to you!

  2. Monica says

    If you are using the lemon oil and with the bottle your using wont it melt it since most citrus damage/eat plastic?

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