What Do doTERRA's Oils Cost Per Drop?


I hear people commenting all the time on how expensive doTERRA’s oils are. I have actually found them to be super affordable. When you break it down to a per drop cost it brings a new light to the cost scenario.

A 15ml bottle of doTERRA’s oils has approximately 250 drops. When you’re only using 1-2 drops per dose you can definitely see the savings when compared to modern medicine. doTERRA’s oils are highly completely pure so in addition to not needing much per dose they also won’t go rancid (like store bought essential oils often times do). The relief you find from a single drop can happen within 30 seconds. Fast, Safe, and Effective are all key elements in addressing my family’s health concerns.

Let’s talk more about the Affordable aspect.

COST PER DROP¬†‚Äď Wholesale price (rounded up)

15ml bottle = 250 drops

10ml bottle  = 167 drops

5ml bottle = 83 drops

1 fluid oz. = 600 drops


Basil $.08
Bergamot $.11
Black Pepper $.25
Cassia $.07
Cilantro $.10
Cinnamon $.26
Clary Sage $.15
Clove $.06
Coriander $.10
Cypress $.06
Oil-SinglesEucalyptus $.06
Fennel .06
Frankincense $.28
Geranium $.11
Ginger $.12
Grapefruit $.06
Helichrysm $.86
Lavender $.08
Lemon $.04
Lemongrass $.04
Lime $.05
Marjoram $.08
Melaleuca $.08
Melissa $1.39
Myrrh $.21
Oregano $.10
Patchouli $.12
Peppermint $.08
Roman Chamomile $.38
Rosemary $.06
Sandalwood $.74
Thyme $.11
Vetiver $.14
White Fir $.08
Wild Orange $.04
Wintergreen $.06
Ylang Ylang $.14
Fractionated Coconut Oil $.02



AromaTouch $.10
Balance $.08
Breathe $.08
Citrus Bliss $.06
Clear Skin $.13
Deep Blue $.39
Deep Blue Roll On $.38
DigestZen $.12
Elevation $.15
Immortelle $.42
InTune Roll On $.21
OnGuard $.13
PastTense $.11
Purify $.07
Serenity $.12
Slim & Sassy $.10
Solace $.15
TerraShield $.04
Whisper $.29
Zendocrine $.10

*pricing and availability are subject to change*

When you consider that an ear ache or infection can generally be addressed with one application of melaleuca and lavender (2 drops each) $.32 is WAY cheaper than going to the Dr. paying for the visit and then for the¬†prescription. That is only one example. We have saved thousands of dollars by cutting out Dr. & ER visits. It is also much more affordable than purchasing a cheap oil that you don’t get results from and that goes rancid within a few months.

Then if you are on the Loyalty Rewards Program you can get oils for Free. I got Helichrysum for free not too long ago. As you can see from the list it’s one of the more expensive oils…it is also the oils that has saved us from the ER on several occasions.

You can order retail at http://www.mydoterra.com/modernwellnessutah

Or you can find out the benefits of the wholesale membership here: http://www.modernwellness.com/purchase/wholesale/


Christy (aka Sunshine Mama) is the wife to 1 (amazing husband), mother of 3 (wonderful children), lover of health, wellness, the beach, and sunshine. She is passionate about living an inspired life and loves to inspire others to live life at their fullest. You can find her online educating others on how to live a more natural lifestyle, especially on how to use essential oils…or hanging out at the beach.

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    Thanks for having this available, I have had a few people ask me about the cost per drop and have never been able to answer that question. This is great information for anyone selling sample bottles in a kit or something similar.

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