dōTERRA Business Partner Questionnaire

Getting to Know You

People arrive at this point for a variety of reasons. Some are searching for a side income, others want to quit their jobs and pull out of the rat race in pursuit of time & financial freedom, and some are searching for a greater purpose. We are here to help you understand how creating a business with dōTERRA can help you achieve your aim!

Below is a list of questions that will allow us an insight into what you're looking for and will help us understand how to guide you through your business journey.

Understanding what your big goal is and what timeframe you'd like to achieve it in helps us know how to create a road map for you. Here is a resource to understand rank averages: http://www.inspiringwellness.org/doterra-rank-income-and-timeframe-averages/
The income potential with doTERRA is really limitless. There are people making $6 a month to 6 figures a month. What is your minimum goal, and what is your audacious "it would change my life" goal?
We know everyone has busy lives and most have work and family obligations. We want to honor those while understanding what you can realistically devote to building your business each week.
It's important to understand that this business isn't a "get rich quick scheme". It takes real work to see real profit and as with any business it takes time investment upfront to see the real profits form.