Essential Oils Applications

The number of ways you can use essential oils is innumerable! Every person is different, every oil is different, and every application method holds different benefits. If you would like a full scope of how to use essential oils specifically for Pain Management, Women's Health, Men's Health, Children's Health, Pregnancy & Birth, Green Cleaning, First Aid, Weight Management, Building Immunity, or to Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet please check out our webinars!

Below you will find some of the most common essential oils and how you can use them to better your health.

Breathe Respiratory Blend

Tea Tree Uses & Benefits

Lemon Uses & Benefits

Oregano Uses & Benefits

Immune Support

Digestive Support: Part One

Natural Skin Care: Part One

Deep Blue Soothing Blend

Lavender Uses & Benefits

Frankincense Uses & Benefits

Peppermint Uses & Benefits

Respiratory Support

Digestive Support: Part Two

Natural Skin Care: Part Two

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