How to Kill Ants Naturally


Over the past summer we had an ant infestation in our kitchen. They came out of our lazy susan and up the cupboard and all over on our counter top. It was so gross and frustrating. After that we had them take over our master bathroom as well. We found them all over around our house. It was a little overwhelming but I’ve been able to master a spray that works every time!

This past weekend we were out of town and came home to a trail of ants going from our entryway down the hall, into our kitchen, and then into our pantry. They were everywhere!! I made up a batch of my spray and went to work. Within about 10 minutes I had them all killed…then the gross part of cleaning them up started. I highly recommend you use paper towels for this because they don’t rinse out of wash cloths very easily. After the spray had dried I went over them with a bottle of water and vinegar and cleaned them all up.

Here’s the recipe:

In a spray bottle add:

After you’ve got them killed and know where they’re coming from a good way of keeping them from coming back is to spray their hole with fractionated coconut oil mixed with peppermint. They may still come up but they won’t be able to get past the mix.

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