Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Confessions coming… 

I LOVE to eat healthy and provide healthy meals for my family! I admit (like most moms) that dinner time has not been something I look forward to though. I am constantly racking my brain trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. On the busy days it often ended up being something quick, like cereal (not a great dinner). 

Earlier this year I found an app call Real Plans that was recommended by a fellow health blogger. Let me just say I was hesitant as to whether or not I would actually use it as I’ve tried other “meal planning” plans and failed miserably. Here’s why I love Real Plans:

  • You set your desired diet type (Traditional, Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Whole 30, Gluten Free, etc…)
  • You set the days you want meals to be planned for (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner all week or just on certain days)
  • It creates a meal plan for the full week AND a shopping list
  • If you don’t want one of the meals you can easily search for a new meal and swap it out
  • It gives suggested side dishes so you can plan for your family’s favorites
  • If you have guests you can increase the number of people you’re cooking for and it will change the measurements for the ingredients
  • You can rate the meals that you love so they come up again
  • With the pre-planned shopping list you end up wasting less – less food waste, and less wasting money
  • My family loves all the meals I try and they love that they are getting to try new meals instead of the same ol’ thing
  • You can manage it from your phone (with the app) or from your computer (on the website)

Here’s an overview of how Real Plans works:

Super simple, right? This meal planning software has saved my sanity and my family’s dinner time. You can get this incredible meal planning software for only $72 for a FULL year!! 

Ready To Get Started With Real Plans?

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After you give it a try take a picture of your favorite meal, post a picture of it to Instagram, and tag @ModernWellness in it. I’d love to see what you’re cooking!