Operation Underground Railroad

I became aware of this organization in 2014 and instantly knew I wanted to help. Sex slavery as a whole is a vial thing but add children to it and it’s beyond comprehensible. Tim Ballard is a champion for putting his life on the line to rescue these innocent children around the world. We have chosen this organization in addition to the Healing Hands Foundation to financially support. It is a cause that we hope thousands more will get behind.

It is estimated that over 2 million children are at this time being traded and abused around the world. We know that it probably makes your stomach turn and that you want to click off of this page but hang with us for one minute. These little people need our help! They were taken and traded and abused and we can do something to stop it. With your donation we will be able to help Tim and his amazing team create successful rescue missions to intervene in these trafficking rings. The perpetrators are brought to justice and the children are given freedom and rehabilitation.

So what can you do? 





Operation Underground Railroad