Our Review of Dr. Mercola Silver Solution – Colloidal Silver

Our Review of Dr. Mercola Silver Solution – Colloidal Silver

Since diving into natural living there have been a lot of things for us to learn about. Colloidal Silver is one of them. I remember several years ago being sick and a friend giving me some colloidal silver. I had no idea what it was other than what my husband had told me about it making people’s skin tone turning a blueish/silver color. Since I didn’t know what it was or how to use it and didn’t want to turn into a silver person I didn’t use it. Now that I know better I can say when used safely it can be a really great option for natural healing.

The first time I tried colloidal silver was with my then two year old son that had a horrible ear infection. After trying several different natural routes and nothing was working we took him to the Dr and got a prescription (not something we do often). After completing the full prescription we went back to the Dr where they told us he still had an infection and would have to put him on a higher powered antibiotic, oh and to not worry when it turned his stool red. Ya, not happening…we went back to natural solutions and tried garlic ear drops in combination with colloidal silver. That did the trick!

There is a lot to know about using colloidal silver before purchasing a bottle. You’ll want to make sure it is in the right quantity and is from a reputable source. I have followed Dr Mercola’s site for quite some time and have felt like they were one of those reputable sources. You can learn a lot about colloidal silver on the internet. I would recommend you read this article about colloidal silver and read this article as they explain the ins and outs pretty clearly.

When Dr Mercola’s team contacted me and asked if I would try out their colloidal silver, I of course jumped at the chance! We’ve tried many different kinds of colloidal silver over the years and have had varying degrees of success from brand to brand. I’ve been pleased with this brand and my husband even more so! He actually ordered several bottles after we’ve been able to see it in action. Our son had an abscess above one of his teeth and since putting the colloidal silver on it, we’ve noticed a huge difference (even over the brand we had been using previously). I love that Dr. Mercola’s is 10 ppm (parts per million) which is the most advantageous dosage. 

Would you like to try some for yourself? Well, we’re doing a giveaway for 2 bottles!!

Congratulations to our winner Amanda Bessi!

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