Thankful for awareness

Random Ramblings…

Today I was parked near a 7 Eleven and saw a woman coming out. She was hobbling because she couldn’t walk well, she was very overweight and looked like she was really struggling to breathe. In her hand was the hugest Coca-Cola Slurpee I’ve ever seen! I wanted to run to her and tell her how horrible the ingredients in that Slurpee are and that she had a choice. I stopped myself though figuring she probably didn’t want to hear my lecture.  Instead I said a prayer of thanksgiving for the knowledge I’ve been given. I didn’t always read labels, juice, buy organic, etc… But because of so many men and women who feel it their calling in life to create awareness and to empower others with their health and well-being, I became aware. My hat goes off to all of you that have chosen to take the reigns and be in control of your health as well!


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